The Arsonists

The Arsonists


February 20-29

Thursday-Saturday @ 7:30pm


This dark comedy is a scathing social commentary taking aim at the roots and manifestation of fascism, written in a politically tense setting of 1950s Germany.

A respected member of his community, Goetlieb Biederman has made his fortune by selling hair follicle replacer. He enjoys wine, his cigars and relishing his success while scoffing at the gullibility of the citizens of his town who let strangers into their homes. And with a string of arson fires around town, he doesn’t understand why anyone would do that?!

But after a knock on his door, he finds with a growing number of guests, oil drums and suspicious activities filling his home. Will Biederman become the very thing he’s been mocking? Will he realize in time?



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