‘Melt Hard’

‘Melt Hard’

‘Melt Hard’ – performance March 2, 2019

Underground Theatre / 9:00pm – Midnight

In the depths of winter, you are going to feel it. Deep down in your bones, you are going to ache for it. To Dance. To Party. To Heat Things Up.

You are going to want to MELT HARD!

Tall Rocks Media Design controlled by the Duluth Dolls; The Duluth Dolls controlled by the music; The music controlled by DJ Kitten Kite; And the whole damn thing controlled by the crowd.

  • $5 donations (or more if you can) at the door
  • All proceeds go to The Underground
  • Cash Bar
  • Dress like you mean it
  • Yes, you may bring your friends
  • Hosted by Dan & Christine Stocke

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