Claudia Faith: Family

Claudia Faith: Family

Opening Reception: Wednesday, September 18, 5 – 8 PM

On View: September – October, 2019

Corridor Gallery

Claudia Faith’s richly colored anthropomorphic paintings focus on a magnified perspective of the familiar.  Painting intimate portraits of her neighboring sheep, cows and chickens, Faith invites viewers to visit with her friends at close range. Looking intimately at her work, one can gain insight into Faith’s methods and relationships to the materials as well as her subjects.

Growing up on the Iron Range in the 1950’s, Faith notes that her paintings reflect a bittersweet childhood. Her work resonates with emotion; she finds serenity and sympathy in the bulkiness of a resting cow, the ugliness of a sheared ewe, in the eyes of a caged animal. She began painting full time in 2004, after retiring from the business world and pulling a sense of composition, balance and perseverance from her training as a professional musician and composer. Currently, her work focuses on calling attention to peace and world sustainability.


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